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Is TV Advertising right for you?

TV Advertising is the most effective way to scale any business. It allows brands to scale quickly, safely and is the most cost effective way to reach mass audiences in targeted viewing groups from national reach to a specific postcode! Here are 9 facts about TV advertising and the reasons why ALL leading brands choose TV as the core for their marketing.

Are you looking for maximum return?

TV is proven to be the best profit generator. Every £1 spent delivers £1.73. TV accounts for 54% of advertising spend among Ebiquity’s database, yet it is responsible for 71% of total advertising-generated profit.  

Are you risk adverse?

TV Is the safest lowest risk investment, with the highest likelihood of profit return. Usually 70% over 3-6 months and 86% over 3 years. In fact the average profit ROI over 3 years is £4.20 per £1 spent, the highest ROI of any media.

Do you want to see more from other marketing? 

TV Drives high levels of indirect online response giving you high authority brand recognition while sitting next to your competitors online you’ll be immediately more recognisable. Giving on average a 6 fold increase in your current marketing

Do you have a story to tell? 

TV is the emotional medium allowing you to tap in to the consumers needs, wants and desires to purchase your products. TV ads that evoke emotion more than ads in any other media; they make us laugh, cry or feel emotional

Do you want to be more credible?  

TV advertising has a responsibility to exercise its power and influence with care and is held to a higher standard through strict regulation and viewers know it. As such TV is the most trusted form of advertising and being seen on TV gives brands a stamp of quality and credibility. There’s a reason online brands have flocked to TV and become TV’s biggest category.

Do you want your business to be famous? 

Just as it turns people into stars, TV turns brands into household names. Emotive advertising campaigns and those that have fame at the core of their strategy are by far the most effective at creating large business effects like sales and profit. In fact they are 50% more likely to create these effects. And nothing touches our emotions or creates fame like TV.

Do you want great value for money?

The average cost of a person seeing your TV advert costs just over half a penny! Delivering the best ROI of all platforms.

Do you want to grow?  

TV is enormous, accounting for 37% of the average person’s media day. No other form of advertising can build scale as quickly and powerfully. This is crucial as no-one can truly predict who might end up a customer. Advertising with mass reach builds brand desirability and creates fame, which is the most effective advertising strategy.

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Do you want a sales increase of 70%  

Brands that use TV advertising in their marketing see on average a 70% increase in leads and sales. Why do you think all major brands use TV as the core for marketing. 

Video on demand 

Lets advertisers target down to postcode level and get your brands around the most loved shows for you target demographic without the big price tag attached! Platforms such as ITV Hub, Sky Go, All 4 and My 5 provide safe environments for brands to express themselves. And with high quality television content at your disposal, you’re guaranteed a captive audience.

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TV sponsorship

 TV sponsorship is great for boosting frequency. Sponsorship makes it perfect for reinforcing a marketing message and repositioning your brand. It creates trust and fame, whilst allowing brands to associate with popular programming, TV channels, genres and segments.

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