TV Advertising Cost

TV advertising on average costs less than a penny per viewer!

Cost of TV Advertising 

For most brands, the cost of advertsing is a very important consideration. TV Advertsing is the most cost effective way to scale your business!

Brand TV Vs DRTV 

Brand TV is more expensive but will deliver a better ROI over time and is for brands looking for both long and shot term results. DRTV is for brands who are looking for that direct resonse during the daytime (09:00 -17:30). 

Time of Day 

The time of day your TV advert airs has a significant impact on the cost . Daytime hours (09:00-17:30) reach a smaller audience making your TV ratings lower therefore making the spot less. The evening peak time spots reach a large audience increasing your TV ratings and results.

Target Audience 

The more targeted the audience the higher the cost. But here's the good bit if 1 million viewers are watching your ad and only 600,000 are you traget audience then thats all you pay for so you will be getting 400,000 viewers free of charge! 

Ad length 

The length of your TV advert will factor into you plan. The base price is of a 30 second TV advert and then factor up and down depending on the length. We often use a top and tail approch with a 30 & 10 second Ad as a way to increase reach and ROI.

Time of Year

TV advertising cost rise and fall due to the time of the year, typically the colder month are more expensive as we like to cosy up and watch TV. The price will decrese in the summer months when we are all enjoying the sunshine, or chasing the sun on holiday.

Under £10k

We have ran many succsesful campaigns with budgets under £10k on average returning our clients a 70% increase in leads and sales! 

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Icon partnership deals 

Budget match  

As your agency we have some fantastic oppertunities, one of our offers is to match your marketing budget upto 85% for TV. This dose not mean 85% discount this is a real budget match we will ad the discount first then double the spend sound good! give one of our experts a call to find out more T&Cs apply

Free creative production 

We understand that the creative cost can hurt the ROI of the first campiagn so we offer a free creative production service! If you would like to find out more please contact one of our experts. T&Cs apply. 

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