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Icon Media has nearly 20 creation experts as well as another 3 media experts to hand. In our office, we don't separate departments. Creative sits next to media planners, which sits next to strategic analysts. Everyone works together to deliver the most innovative and effective results for our clients. We're proud to be Iconic, transforming the way businesses market.  

Meet our directors of TV advertising and social media marketing below to get an intro our team and office. 

Liam Robertson

He's our CEO and founder. He created Icon Media at the age of 24 with one thing in mind, exponential growth of brands.  

He knew that building a business that would allow his clients to prosper would in turn grow his own brand!  

With the customers at the forefront he began to shake up the TV advertising market by remodelling the industry and only charging agency fees on results and still operates the same now. He structured Icon Media in a way that would mean the customers advertising budget would be spent entirely on the campaign. This method quickly attracted large brands and Icon was born.  

Liam's our senior media planners and has genorated over £70,000,000 worth of sales for both himslef and his clients . 

If you'd like to talk about a TV advertising or social media strategies , Send Him A Message!

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Gareth Forward

Gareth is our in house Chat bot expert. He started his journey in the digital marketing world around 5 years ago and has since gone on to run many successful campaigns in multiple sectors as well as winning global awards!  

He typically generates around £1,000,000 worth of lead value each year delivered to our clients using a combination of social ads and messenger bots to capture, qualify and book prospects into the diaries of both the client & the prospects.  

He won a 1st place prize in largest worldwide 'Bot Building Competition' gaining his accolades as a manychat certified - Agency partner, Messenger Marketing Expert & Competition Winner.  

If you'd like to talk about a bot strategy to add to your campaign, Send Him A Message!

Jaydean George

Jaydean is our TV advertising Consultant at Icon Media. He started with the company 2016, focusing on new business development. Signing his first major deal within two months. Since then propelled though the organisation to become Advertising consultant.  

A key piece of advice that was given to Jaydean by his father Robert George was “No matter what you do, always give 100%” developing strong relationships, building trust and being completely transparent with his clients has played a massive part to his success.  

Using tracking analytic tools he monitors live ad campaigns to track airtime, guaranteeing his clients get the best ROI. He eliminates waste whilst doubling the effectiveness and efficiency for future campaigns.  

If you’d like to talk about spot, VOD or Sponsorship advertising send him a message.  

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